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Performance Program
$999.99 p/m 

Gold Performance Program

Nic Catterall (CattoGolf at Peak Power Golf LLC), runs three online programs, The Silver Performance Package $349.99 p/m, The Golf Performance Package $699.99 p/m and The Platinum Performance Package Per Month $999.99.


The Platinum Performance Program is fully custom built from the ground up and is CattoGolf's most specialized strength and conditioning program. This allows athletes to obtain thoroughly built online strength and conditioning programs that are created around the sports specific performance goals. The big difference between The Platinum Performance Program and the Silver and Gold is the time spent detailing the program and working through the session per session outcomes with the athlete. There is a lot of consideration given to tournaments, specific times throughout the annual plan for tapering and peaking and overall day to day specialization. 


See below for more details and what the Platinum Package Consists of.  

Cost Per Month:

  • $999.99 Per Month Billed Quarterly.

**Please note that this program is billed every three months in advance.

This is for a couple of reasons. The main reason being that for Nic to ensure you get the most out of his program, he spends a lot of time and effort in the initial set up and re assessment phases along with monitoring the path you are on. Nic focuses on long term sustainable changes with his athletes and understands that these changes take time to occur. With a three month commitment (three programs) the athlete also understands that there are no quick fixes in performance and that progress is chipped away at bit by bit. One Quarter of the year is one macrocycle in training. Three months is three mesocycles in training and is the most efficient way to prescribe training programs with desired outcomes which is why Nic requires 3 month billing cycles. 

What's Included In This Program:

  • 60 Minute Quarterly Performance Review 

A performance review is important to ensure that goals are being met and the right direction is being taken to get the best results. This consists of a review of the monthly reports and address any concerns or program considerations that need to administered for the next training phase

  • 60 Minute Monthly Coach Catch Up and As Needed. 

Monthly coaching catch ups to ensure the program's intentions and protocols are understood. This is when the athlete is able to address any issues or concerns they might have or investigate any alternatives in the program that might need to be adjusted. 

  • Fully Customized Training Programs (monthly, three weekly etc)

Training mesocycles (4 week programs and other) are constructed to suit the athletes training schedule with the intended outcomes in mind. Nic uses VISUALCOACHING to manage the delivery of the training program. This is a web based platform where the athlete can see their annual plan and the objectives the program is going to have based on your goals.  

  • Customized Weights Adjusted Per Sessions As Needed 

Over the course of a 4 week training mesocycle, the weights in each exercises session are going to change and increase based on the indented outcomes of that phase. Take a back squat for example, Nic is going to progressively overload week to week to ensure your pushing yourself adequately and appropriately to ensure you adapt to the training stimulus over time. This requires the adjustment of weights session to session to get the most out out of it. 

  • Reports As Needed Or Per Week

Nic's online program ensures you are able to see your progress from day one. This includes calculating what your accumulative loads are, your fatigued state is,  

  • Annual Plan Adjusted Constantly 

A crucial part of the planning process is ensuring that all the programs follow appropriate training phases. An annual plan runs through the major goals of the year, factors in holidays and rest periods and coordinates training efforts to ensure the best results are seen. 

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