How it works 

As a high performance coach for elite athletes, Nic knows how important it is for his athlete and clients, to have an evidence based approach to program creation that focuses on achieving specified goals. 

In todays fitness game, there are a lot of influencers without strong foundations in sports science and plenty of focus on what they have found works without a rhyme or reason as to the how or why those changes have occurred.  

When you start your journey with Nic, you will be taken through the following: 

1. Goal Setting 

If you aren't sure what your goals will ultimately be, Nic will help you assess what to focus on creating Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time appropriate goals to strive for. 

2. Planning 

If you don't have a plan, you are planning to fail!!

Unfortunately, this statement has proved true time and time again. Countless hours can be wasted if not being focused on the road ahead and monitoring the current situation. Nic will create an annual plan that will help the periodisation of programming. Specific dates can be looked at to ensure the peaks that performance can bring through carefully planned training, can be realised. 

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3. Assessment

There are so many assessments, simple to complex, that can help you see where you are currently at, and what work needs to be done to get to where your goal lives. Nic will walk you through the assessments necessary to implement the right program for you and to ensure your progress can be measured. 

4. Program Creation

Designing the best program for you to achieve your goals is based around what you have available to you in most circumstances. A full gym or access to one is recommended and is usually necessary to get the most out of the various phases Nic will take you through. It's important that programming has enough variation to keep you enjoying the challenge but not enough to blend the effects without anything being achieved. Keeping programming in line with the annual plan will aid in you reaching you goals.  

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5. Training 

Training sessions through the week revolve around the annual plans current phase. Whether your programs focusing on strength endurance, strength, power, speed, speed power, whatever it may be, the sessions through the week and the number of weeks in the mesocycle will 

6. Monitoring 

The Basic Strength and Conditioning program is designed to provide you with high level programming from high performance coach, Nic Catterall, that will help you achieve your fitness goals by tailoring a program to suit your goals and needs.

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Current Programs on Offer

Professional Sports Management Program
$999 Per Month 
Advanced Sports Performance Program
$699 Per Month 
Introductory Athlete Program Program
$299 Per Month