Elite Performance Management Program


What do i get for my monthly Subscription?

Weekly Tailored Strength and Conditioning Programs

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Advanced assessment and goal setting

Monthly performance assessments 

Tailored Annual Plan with Periodisation 

The Elite Performance Management program is the ultimate program for semi-professional to professional athletes who wish to succeed.

Like the Advanced Performance Program, you receive tailored assessments, week to week individualised strength and conditioning programming, two way communication as needed, performance monitoring, goal setting, annual plan and periodisation. The main difference between the Elite Performance Managment program takes a deep dive into the sports science and statistics that is required to see where you sit with your competitors and what its going to take to get the most out your game to succeed.


This program enables you to get the most out of Nic and his services as he sheds light on what it is that he has found from a scientific point of view and most importantly, what he has found works to achieve high performance with his extensive experience in professional sport and on the PGA Tour in the USA.  

For the Elite Performance Management program, it is recommended that you are a semi or full time athlete that has a training background of 3 to 5 years, want to gain advanced knowledge into your sport and performance and have the time to implement the protocols put in place to help you achieve your high performance outcomes. This program isn't for the faint hearted, to get the most out of the program you have to be willing to work and put in the time that is required to push the limits of your physical and mental capacity. 

Data Review of sport and individual statistics 

Data Monitoring  

* Please note, payments will be made through Trainerize and will be billed every two weeks on this plan.